I’m James Stewart, welcome to my blog.

I was born in Scotland and retain pervading memories of salmon and lobster fishing, white sandy beaches, ospreys and the ever present Moray Firth dolphins and seals. Sea and river fishing is in my blood, as are the deeply embedded memories of the thousands of wild geese that arrive in the autumn of each year.

I now live in  beautiful West Oxfordshire, where I am close to my sons and family; a life changing decision to relocate, that in turn triggered fresh thinking around lifestyle and choice.

Coincidentally, I have a huge passion for maintaining my fitness and forever exploring online the latest tech gadgets and new ideas that influence, motivate or challenge my mental and physical wellbeing.

Why blog?

I believe that people often view life in stages rather than a continuous journey. Self imposed targets are often set by age and once past a specific age, we often convince ourselves that the target has been missed and the opportunity squandered. The reality is that those having the most fun are those who break free of such self imposed imitations, those who think outside the box and follow their intuition down paths that expose more exciting and inspiring opportunities.

So from the very beginning of me starting this whole blogging thing, my goal is to just enjoy doing what I am doing and importantly for me, through writing, share my thoughts on my activities, passion and interests and yes, to learn through my communication and sharing online, the thoughts and views of the many.