“Every move you make, Every step you take, I’ll be watching you”

Being an enthusiastic user of the Fitbit Charge 2 to assist measurement of my fitness, I am always looking at new opportunities around supporting connectivity and recently came across a fitness-monitoring app called SweatCoin.  The app pays you for every step that you take and gives you coins you can exchange for fitness related rewards and services. You can download the app from the Apple Store.

For an app that is relatively new to the market, I am impressed at how easy it is to use – once you open the app, it just sits there in the background, humming away and counting your steps accurately and with no cheating! It’s easy to see how many coins you have earned in the day, how many coins you have saved; who your friends are and what offers are available. I sense, although in its infancy, that hundreds of thousands of users will download this app and if that’s the case, companies and brands will have a persuasive incentive to feature their products as offers, so the rewards can only get better.

To be honest with you, I didn’t expect much from the app in terms of step accuracy. The question that’s still lingering is, how does the app track steps, whether it’s walking or running? I just don’t know how but sense that it must be down to its complicated algorithm but it seems to work really well.

The only concerns I have, and its early days, is that it does not integrate with other gadgets like Fitbit so you must always carry your phone and ensure the app is open and tracking. It does not seem to have had a detrimental effect on my battery life. I’ve used it for walking and whilst running in the gym. I’m very pleased with how the app handles, the potential it has for rewarding steps, the rewards offered, which I have no doubt can only get better and it costs you absolutely nothing except for some sweat and exercise. For every 1,000 of those steps taken, users receive one digital coin that can be used to exchange for rewards.

The Sweatcoin app seems to be completely legitimate but you’ll need to sign up and forget about it for a few weeks. By that time you should have enough coins for the cheaper rewards. It’s not an app that will make you rich, but it’s pretty cool and it will be interesting to see how it develops. I guess there are always those that will seek to cheat to gain Sweatcoins but surely this is entirely against the spirit of what it promotes: health, honest assessment and living an energetic lifestyle!

So, “For every move you take, every step you make, Sweatcoin will be watching you”’ – why don’t all you seniors with energetic fitness regimes download the app and give it a try and earn as you exercise.