How We Do It

The only way to quickly and effectively shape the culture of your organisation is to involve the people you want to change in designing and implementing the change effort. It all begins with the behaviour of your leaders. To shape the culture of your organisation, your leaders must exemplify and model the behavioural example you want everyone else to follow.

Our start point is to identify a top performance priority or challenge and the strategic priorities for the delivery of the performance priority around which the organisation must be aligned to improve results.

Using qualitative and quantitative tools, we involve the entire department or organisation in identifying what role culture plays and the strengths and weaknesses of those top beliefs and behaviours that will contribute most to the success of your focused priority.

Our analysis of the shared learning supports the ‘From – To’ road map as we develop clarity around a refined improvement vision for the top performance priority and how we can further leverage new strengths, share positive beliefs and behaviours, address the weaknesses and define new goals through broader team engagement.

Our engagement process ensures that we define and share measures for the top performance priority, establish a maintenance system for progress assessment, align people through an effective communication plan and inspire higher levels of commitment and motivation by all from the inside out.

We think outside the box and challenge the status quo. We engineer ‘light-bulb’ moments to unfreeze and shift underlying beliefs and behaviour and connect people at a gut level to your essential values. We focus on Leadership communication and the use of narrative to connect emotion with facts, which inspires people to take action.

Change comes from an experience that gets people’s attention and causes them to stop and reconnect and shift their mind-set.

LeaderBe believes culture matters.