I Tried Harry’s Free Razor Trial and This Is What I Thought…

Among the facets of shaving I hate most, buying razor blades has always touched a raw nerve if only because of the blatant, extortionately high prices that always scream ‘obscene rip-off’ to me. To make matters worse, I like to shave and a two-day growth is about as much as I can tolerate. Result – I’m obliged to surrender to the market to meet the never-ending need for scraping my face and since nobody has invented the life-long reusable razor blade – it’s a choice between cost and quality!

As indicated in my previous post however, Harry’s tells me that I’ll get everything I need to enjoy a quality shave at a great cost and has promptly delivered my trial order, free to my door, in a very slick fashion – no doubt hoping that I continue future deliveries at a frequency of my choice.

The trial set of razor, shaving gel and a 5 edge quality German manufactured blade with cover, contained within its classy brown box, cost me £3.95, and from then on I get to select the order plan I want, whether it be just 8 x blades (£14), 8 x blades and gel (£19) or the family plan with 16 blades and 2 gels. Unsurprisingly, there is a list of related products available as part of the upsell.

I like things simple when it comes to shaving and this was a different shave for one obvious reason – rather than shaving to a fixed pivoting axis, Harry’s cartridge attaches with a flexible rubber pseudo-hinge that adjusts when you press it into your skin. Harry’s argue that this design, “flexes to the contours of your face for precise control.” It’s certainly different but to be fair to Harry’s, I think I need time to adjust my mind-set away from the traditional shaving experience.

I shave fast and don’t mess around – it’s in and out for me. The razor is lightweight, has a good grip, slim curves and refreshingly light to hold. With five German engineered blades to a cartridge, cut to angled precision, the blades glide over the face smoothly and provided me with a very close shave.

I could feel the precision blade doing the business even under the tight corners of nose and mouth. I was delighted not to suffer any nicks but was left with a slight irritation under chin and neck. That said, this was the first draw of the blade across my skin and I’m ready to give the system a chance over the coming days.

Complementary to my Harry’s shaving ritual and ensuring a smooth experience is the Foaming Shave Gel. I don’t like using Gel to foam as a rule but the lightly scented gel-to-foam appealed to me creating a fresh and different experience to my pre-shave prep.

Bottom line for me – whilst shaving preferences are very subjective, I would still recommend the Harry’s trial to all you get up and go seniors, given cost and quality, it is a ‘no brainer try it for yourself’ – if not satisfied, you can always cancel.