“If I’m not shaving, I’m thinking about shaving!”

Its true you know. I’m sure like me, you will have been told by your wife or partner on the shopping trip that, “you should go get the razor blades because you know which blades are best for you”? The trouble is that the process of buying razor blades is more about chasing small, secure, indiscrete shelves, tucked away in the corner of a busy aisle in the local supermarket. Once found, you have to work your way through the plethora of different razors, blades security tags and combinations, dominated by the major brands and costing a fortune! You cant help feeling it’s a rip off!

How do you tell at the end of the day whether you are getting a good deal, good quality or mere marketing hype? The dominant brands offer expensive options tied into specific razors leaving little or no choice to the consumer.

While the big brands no doubt provide an excellent shave, it’s the obscene amount of money for replacement blades that makes you cringe at the check out.

Trust me, I’ve tried the alternatives such as generic razors, electric razors, and even the old double blade safety razor but whilst every system has its pros and cons, I’ve yet to discover a shave with the right combination of cost, quality, comfort, and time although I finally returned to my old and well tried Gillette Mach 3 – and the cost is not bad at Costco. The eureka ‘lets think outside the box’, moment for me came whilst reviewing an online article on the growth of subscription boxes in the USA and one thing led to another – Shaving Subscription Clubs. No doubt you’re aware of the subscription box craze – sign up once online and receive a monthly delivery of everything from men’s luxury grooming products to makeup and skincare. So it’s no surprise to see the subscription box market being massively replicated in the UK given the opportunity for recurring revenues.

Having reviewed the options, I have just signed up for the free two-week trial at the sleek and neat Harry’s at a cost of £3:95. For those not familiar with Harry’s, it is a subscription based shaving system. Basically, you take the trial, build a shaving package suited to you and every few months, you receive a refill in the mail. You can cancel or amend your package at any stage. You need to keep a watchful eye on dates and delivery since they offer the full package post your trial but you can amend to a reduced package or cancel based on your trial experience. They are fast, I’ve already had 3 welcome mails and a personal mail from Customer Support and the trial package is already on its way with free delivery, so I shall write a review to let you know how I get on.

Watch out there is competition out there. Dollar Shave Club is launching in the UK this year and are offering £5 voucher on the first purchase for a limited period. Mark Levine and Michael Dubin, to combat the high cost of razors, founded the online business in the USA in 2011. They were market leaders in offering the shaving subscription and were bought out by Unilever. Looking forward to seeing what their UK offer and launch entails – watch this space all you senior energetic shavers out there.