‘Necessity has the face of a Dog’

We love our dogs. Their energy has given us energy. Their fitness has helped our fitness. They are a gift that has truly changed our life and brought us monumental happiness. From our dogs, we have learned new forms of responsibility, patience, kindness and most importantly, unconditional love. Even if our dogs chew, scratch, steal my socks or run us around, when you really want them to stop, eat, settle or sleep, we still share our love and hearts with our dearest, loyalist friends.

Our canine journey started in 1999. Whilst living in Scotland, I travelled for hours south of the Border to our breeder Anne, who remains a friend and in constant touch with us to this day. With the kennel name of ‘Chtaura Follow that Beat’, “Wee Hamish”, a golden Lhasa Apso, arrived in our family to our overwhelming joy.

Within a year of Hamish’s arrival, we decided to bring another Lhasa into our lives as a companion for Hamish, whom we felt, would greatly benefit from a canine friend. After another journey south to Anne, Islay ‘Chtaura Midnight Dream’ a Black Lhasa with white trims, arrived in our family much to the delight of Wee Hamish.

From the outset and only 12 weeks old, Hamish and Islay lived and travelled with us the length and breadth of the UK and across Europe – wherever we went, Hamish and Islay where possible, were always by our side.

A pet owner’s worst fear is losing a beloved companion and it was no different for us. We were truly devastated when Hamish passed away in 2015 after sixteen wonderful years. For those who have experienced this loss, there is usually a poignant story to share about a cherished dog passing and we understand the pain and emptiness that occurs. There is no singular way to grieve and work through this process, as everyone walks down a different journey with the passing of a loved dog.

With Islay approaching her eighteenth birthday and with time and reflection healing the loss of Wee Hamish, we discovered that Anne had a junior puppy and to boot, Hamish’s great grand niece. A phone call, chat and car journey was all that it took and to our absolute delight, we returned with Georgia ‘Chtaura Little Town Flirt’, a stunning golden Lhasa and a real ‘flirt’ she was, capturing our love from the outset.

Islay’s health and happiness is always in our hearts and to the fore as she sits back to enjoy retirement. It seemed that the time was right to consider a companion for Georgia, as the “Duchess” inclined, more and more in her latter years, towards rest and sleep as opposed to play.

Another call was made to Anne and at the end of January 2018, Darcey ‘Chtaura Prima Ballerina’, a tiny fourteen weeks old black bundle of joy, arrived in our arms to the absolute delight of us all and Georgia in particular. Our canine family is now complete and we give our dogs everything they could want for, whether it be love, affection, care, food, attention or good health. Of course, providing the latter usually means a quality pet dog insurance at the right price and therein, lies another post.