What We Do

We are a consultancy with the singular purpose of assisting organisations shape their culture to support their strategy. We are a culture-shaping consultancy.

The vast majority of what you hear about culture is actually focused on organisational climate. We believe it’s critical for organisations to understand what their culture is, what it does, its current impact on strategy and how to analyse it as part of a change program.

To do this effectively, LeaderBe applies a qualitative and quantitative approach to managing the culture shaping process.

We do not advocate change for the sake of change.

We focus our effort on a performance priority, problem or challenge that will deliver early results, as opposed to implementing a wide and costly organisational culture change programme, as advocated by many consultancies.

Working with you, we review personal and collective beliefs and behaviours, values and cultural enablers and build on the shared learning and mutual experiences gained from our focussed intervention through a phased engagement of your people.

Leaders shape culture. Behaviours that are considered the norm by leaders may not be appropriate for the culture shift that you seek. So we start with your leadership teams to effect personal and collective transformation of leader behaviours, aligned with your defined values, priorities and goals, to deliver the culture transformation that you seek.